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IVAO is an international organization of flight simulation in which members develop the role of the pilot or controller according to a strict interpretation of the simulation tends to "as real as it gets" and then fly on IVAO is achievable only by acquiring a consistent set of skills.

Our Virtual Airline is composed of pilots flying on IVAO with the callsign OVT and therefore represent our group.

To become part of our Virtual Airline is necessary that you are already registered both IVAO ( and the group OVT.

Purpose of the Virtual Airline OVT
  • The ultimate goal of our VA is flying on IVAO in good company.
  • If you are not already self, do not worry. Participate in organized EVENINGS ATC on our server with friends and without too much formality just to practice with a controlled flight, use the section Flying on IVAO Forum, tutorials, and then rely on friends who can help you achieve your goal, maybe flying on IVAO together the first few times.
    It's up to you to use these "tools" to enhance your skills and do not throw yourself into the fray only risking a bad impression.

VA Name: Orio Virtual Team
Radio Callsign: Orio Virtual
VA Identifier: 6290

List of active pilots




VA Regulation

These rules and regulations are operative as of 05/11/2014 and replaces the previous.

  1. The ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM Virtual Airline is a virtual airline that includes pilots who simulate flight operations being connected on line to the IVAO™ network. Their objective is to constantly widen and improve their knowledge regarding aereonautic matters thanks to the mutual exchange of experiences. All the components of the VA OVT are representatives of the OVT Group on IVAO™ thanks to the name assigned, that means the OVT acronym followed by a four digit number different for each and every pilot.
  1. In order to become a member of the ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM Virtual Airline and be able to receive the OVT acronym, the pilot has to make a specific request as indicated in article no. 3 of these rules. In order to be able to make such a request, the following requirements are to be observed: to have subscribed to the ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM Group and to be already members of the IVAO™ network ( and to have a minimum of 25 (twentyfive) recorded flight hours as a pilot. The progressive OVT pilot number is assigned according to the order of subscription to our Group and it is therefore impossible to choose it or change it.
  1. The request of subscription to the Virtual Airline has to be sent to the VA Staff by sending an e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address (, specifying the VID (this is the identification code assigned by IVAO upon subscription to the network). In order to obtain the OVT identification code, the pilot has to fill in a simple questionnaire with a total of 12 questions with multiple answers regarding rules and regulations relative to the IVAO™ Network, its connection softwares and some basic flight concepts. There must be a minimum number 9 correct answers in order to pass this test. The questionnaire will be sent to the prospective VA member by e-mail and must be returned within 20 (twenty) minutes. Should the prospective VA member fail to pass the entry questionnaire, will be able to request a new questionnaire after a minimum of 10 days from the date of the previous test.
  1. Pilots who already have achieved the Private Pilot (PP) ranking on the IVAO™ network are exempt from filling in and submitting the entry questionnaire.
  1. Each and every pilot must carry out a flight with his new OVT VA acronym within 7 days of receipt of the e-mail confirming entry into the VA.
  1. All subscribers to the OVT VA are due to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the IVAO™ network, in particular concernig their behaviour towards other pilots who are not members of the OVT VA. All flights must be effected observing rules relative to visual flight (VFR) or instrumental flight (IFR) and according to the "as real as it gets" IVAO™ principles. Behaviour on the part of subscibers to the ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM VA which should create significant problems when on the IVAO™ network will be sanctioned by the VA Staff either with the suspension or the withdrawal of the VA acronym. The status of “active user” on the IVAO™ network must be maintained according to the network rules and regulations otherwyse the OVT acronym could be subject to suspension.
  1. Every subscriber to the OVT Virtual Airline is obliged to effect a flight on the IVAO™ network at least once within a period of three months with his OVT acronym, failing this the OVT acronym will be suspended and and appropriate communication will be sent by the VA Staff. Should the pilot not request to be re-instated within three months his acronym will be cancelled. When a pilot is cancelled from the VA list, in order to become again a member of the VA, he will have to withstand what indicated under rule no. 3 of these rules and will have to undergo the admission test regardless of his IVAO™ pilot ranking. Every pilot can ask to be suspended from the VA in advance if aware of reasons why he would not be able to connect for a period of 6 moths maximum to the IVAO™ network, should the absence exceed the period of 6 months, the name (acronym) will cancelled from the VA list. The suspension or the cancellation of the OVT acronym determine respectively the suspension or cancellation and the non membership of the pilot to the ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM Virtual Airline.
  1. The radio CALLSIGN to be used when connecting to control authorities (ATC) is exclusively ORIOVIRTUAL followed by the progressive four digit number assigned. The use of other expressions such as "OSCAR VICTOR TANGO" or "O-Vi-Ti" is strictly forbidden.
  1. At the end of each flight the VA member has to fill in correctly and submit the Pilot Report (PIREP) through the Virtual Airline System made available by the IVAO™ network which can be downloaded from the following address Alternatively the PIREP can be submitted using the appropriate function of the IvaPS application made available to the members of the OVT VA by the VA Staff.
  1. At the time of enrolment to the VA to every pilot will be credited on the Pilot's Roster OVT (under the section Virtual Airline) with the hours previously flown on the IVAOTM network up to a maximum of 350 hours. To pilots who have had their OVT acronym suspended or cancelled no extra hours will be credited in the Virtual Airline section of the Pilot's Roster of the OVT Group.
  1. Recurring non adherence to rules particularly regarding articles no. 6 and 7 of these regulations could be sanctioned by the Staff and only by the Staff with suspension or cancellation of the OVT acronym depending on the seriousness of the shortcoming.
  1. These rules and regulations have to be read and accepted by all subscribers to the ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM Virtual Airline, the members of the Virtual Airline also have to observe the general rules of the ORIO VIRTUAL TEAM Group to which fully these rules are an integral part regarding the VA activities.

These regulations can be modified totally or partially, can be annulled or substituted and all members will be immediately informed of any variation either through the Forum or by e-mail.

VA Registration
To become a member of IVAO:
To become a member of OVT VA send a mail to specifying your IVAO VID (identifier assigned by IVAO enrollment).